Duals Norway - British Royal Air Force 10:10

Oslo, Norway

May 4, 1962

thanks to Tron Jensen

unknown nationality RAF boxers (ENG, SCO or WAL)

60kg Horace Tapey ??? Ivar Ellertsen NOR KO 1
60kg Arild Petterson NOR Fred Blake ??? PTS
63,5kg Tore Magnussen NOR Robert O'Neill ??? TKO 3
67kg Sean Burgess ??? Harald Skoglund NOR TKO 2
67kg Brian Chillery ??? Ernst Kristiansen NOR PTS
71kg Hans Gulbrandsen NOR William Dearie ??? PTS
71kg Trevor Tawler ??? Thor-Erik Hognro NOR DQ
75kg Johnny Romsaas NOR Johnny Walker ??? TKO 3
75kg Egil Nygaard NOR Tony Jones ??? TKO 3
81kg Johnny Joyce ??? Kjell Svensson NOR TKO 3

Horace Tapey may be Horace Tarpey (in some newspapers)

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