Duals Norway - British Royal Air Force 10:10

Oslo, Norway

October 18, 1963

thanks to Tron Jensen

unknown nationality RAF boxers (ENG, SCO or WAL)

60kg Alan Pond ??? Arild Petterson NOR PTS
60kg Horace Tapey ??? Teddy Fossum NOR PTS
63,5kg G.McDonald ??? Arne Tegn NOR KO 1
63,5kg Tore Magnussen NOR Osborne ??? TKO 2
67kg Petter A.Haug NOR Derek Mewton ??? PTS
67kg William O'Brien ??? Jan Ulveie NOR TKO
71kg William Dearie ??? Roger Holthe NOR KO 2
71kg Oystein Myhre NOR Sean Burgess ??? TKO 2
75kg Johnny Romsaas NOR Beaven ??? PTS
81kg Egil Nygaard NOR J.Ross ??? DQ

Horace Tapey may be Horace Tarpey (in some newspapers)

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